Welcome To Kallzu's Exclusive Affiliate Network!

The Difference

Kallzu Konnect

  • You Keep 100% Of All Revenue Generated From Your Calls
  • Weekly Payouts
  • Exclusive Network For KZA Members Only
  • Instant Network Approval
  • Case Studies From William & Chris Using Our Offers

Other Affiliate Networks

  • They Take Money On EVERY Call You Generate (They Have To)
  • Monthly Payouts (Best Case Bi weekly)
  • Networks Are Open To The Public
  • Network Approval Can Be Difficult And Time Consuming
  • No Case Studies, Just Offers Leaving You In The Dark About Where To Go & How To Do This Successfully

*Kallzu Ads Members Only

  1. You Register Your Account With Kallzu Konnect.
  2. When You're Approved (Manual Approval Process, And It Is Guaranteed And Near Instant - No Crazy Questions Or Long Process), You Then Select An Offer To Promote.
  3. Promote The Offer Using Your Kallzu Ads Training!
  4. Get Paid Weekly!
  5. Watch Our Case Studies And Training To Improve Your Results.


*Kallzu Ads Members Only

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