About Us - Why We Started Kallzu Konnect

Kallzu Konnect is a part of the Kallzu family (Kallzu 2.0 software, SEO training, Ads training, Kallzu Pages software, etc.) and was created for one reason:

TO MAKE YOU, as a Kallzu member, MORE MONEY!

The team here at Kallzu works everyday to make sure you have only the best and most cutting edge tools and options for achieving this.

Enter Kallzu Konnect:

Our very own (and member exclusive) platform. One where we take zero dollars from the affiliate offers (so you make even more money than any other network you will find out there). A platform designed to get you paid as soon as possible (Weekly payouts) Vs. the "other guys" that pay you 30+ days (sometimes even 60+ days) after you've made the money.

All this comes back to one main theme about Kallzu and it's members: WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED!